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Skórzana etui TORRO do Iphone 6/6S
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Skórzane etui Iphone 6/6S

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The TORRO stand case with its subtle contrasting logo and stitching, is designed for those seeking a multi functional, high quality product to enhance, complement and protect their iPhone 6 / 6S.

 Key Features

  • Genuine USA tan cowhide leather
  • Soft touch mould/shell to securely hold the handset in place.
  • All ports, buttons, camera and flash accessible.
  • Entire display and speakers remain unobscured. 
  • Stand function, ideal for landscape tv watching.
  • 3 slots for storage for casual storage of a business card or travel ticket (a bespoke TORRO wallet is also available for those wanting permanent storage of payment cards and cash).
  • Hidden magnets allow closure of the cover without the need for any additional tabs or clasps making this one of the thinnest genuine leather cases available.
  • Access to Charger, Headphones and Speakers all available when the case is fully closed.
TORRO work hard to source the best possible quality materials at the best possible price with customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.
Protect and enhance your iPhone 6 / 6S with TORRO.